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  • North Side records of USA has licensed numerous Nordic CDs for the North American market including some exclusive compilations and most titles with new packaging. They're crazy about the stuff and would love to hear from you. 
  • ECM Records has, of course, published many excellent and groundbreaking recordings from Scandinavia over the years. Artists such as Edward Vesala, Jan Garbarek, Arild Andersen, Bengt Berger and others are well represented, not to mention newcomers like Krakatau and Nordan. ECM has excellent distribution worldwide so it makes sense to buy their products directly from them, if possible. The U.S. office of ECM has a www site where interested parties (within USA) can go directly for information and purchases. They do not sell outside of U.S. but they do provide a wealth of information for everyone worldwide. 


  • Falun Folk Festival in Sweden has their own site, including photos and sounds and information about the Norrsken "Nordic Lights" convention that takes place every February. 
  • Førde Folk Music Festival, Norway: hildeb@online.no 
  • Kaustinen Folk Music Festival: folk.fest@kaustinen.inet.fi 
  • Umeå Folk Music Festival, Sweden: festivalen@umeafolkmusik.se 
  • Världen i Norden world music festival, Sweden 


  • D Tours agency, Sweden: ken.day@ebox.tninet.se 
  • Hoedown (Värttinä, JPP, Maria Kalaniemi & Aldargaz, Troka, Kimmo Pohjonen): pap@hoedown.com 
  • Kontur Agency, Sweden  
  • Rockadillo Agency, Finland (Wimme, Trio Töykeät, Pekka Pohjola, Slobo Horo, RinneRadio): zenmaster@rock.pp.fi 


  • Finnish Music Information Centre: info@mic.teosto.fi 
  • Sibelius Academy in Helsinki has a massive site, including information about their Folk Music Department. 
  • MusicFinland is a great source for all things musical (and Finnish).  
  • Another excellent source for information about Finnish music (rock bands, primarily, but not exclusively) is Finnish based Rockdata. Biographies, discographies, news, links and more. 
  • FolkNetSweden is a Swedish folk music center with information and links to labels, bands, festivals, etc etc. 


  • Lira magazine, Sweden. Excellent folk music publication, unfortunately it's all in Swedish. 
  • Rootsworld Cliff Furnald in USA is a very knowledgable source for information about the Finnish folk music scene (as well as many others). He has written numerous articles and reviews about the artists, the recordings, the concerts and festivals. His website contains everything he has ever written about Finnish folk music (and more). Direct to the Rootsworld Finnish section 
  • Folk Roots Magazine, UK 
  • FolkWorld is a German based bilingual (English & German) folk music webzine with a focus on Europe. 
  • Cronicas da Terra is a Portugese based world music webzine. Several Finnish music reviews to be found! 


  • New Nordic Folk is a Nordic Folk fan's mailing list and discussion group site.
  • TVFolk.net is a Swedish website featuring Nordic music videos.

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